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About US

Our History

Hangzhou Indigo Vehicle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Dianche Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a company that enthusiastically creates and designs electric bicycles. Our founder has more than 15 years of rich experience in the electric bicycle industry. The company has a strong and reliable professional technical team and sales team in electric bicycle systems, motors and batteries, and electric bicycle modification kits. We can provide electronic system solutions for local and overseas customers as soon as possible. We support sample testing. The product quality is reliable, providing the market with the longest quality guarantee.

We are committed to providing customers with top electric bicycle products at reasonable prices. The company's main products include electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric bicycle conversion kits and electric bicycle motors, lithium-ion batteries and accessories. We pride ourselves on excellent quality, durability, affordability and service support. Indigo is “extremely detail-oriented” to ensure efficient, reliable and trustworthy relationships with customers. Our customers are mainly from European and American countries. At present, we have established two overseas warehouses in Europe (Spain warehouse and Belgian warehouse). Overseas warehouses in the United States, overseas warehouses in Russia, overseas warehouses in Japan, and overseas warehouses in Australia are also being opened. We are the main team of the post-90s generation, a dynamic and energetic team. Simple and open communication, substantial, pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere, and rigorous working attitude.

Our Factory

The company is positioned in the high-end market, introducing advanced European industrial design concepts, serving customers with high-quality products, occupying an important position in the international market, and becoming one of the leading suppliers of drive systems in the industry. The production area has parts warehouse, plastic parts area, net area, flip line, formal line, inspection area, packing area, finished product warehouse.

We have established service centers and overseas warehouses in the European Union, the United States, and Japan to shorten the distance between customers and provide guarantees for improving the service system and improving service quality.

Our Product

 一、Electric bicycle conversion kit
Model:MM G340.250/350.C
MM G340.500.C
MM G320.750.C
MM G320.1000.C
1. Motor:
36v:250w 350w 500w
48v:500w 750w 1000w
3.Chainwheel:1000W以下:44T/46T/48T/52T(default is 46T)
1000W:42T/46T(default is 46T)
4.Chain Wheel Cover(1000W以下无Chain Wheel Cover)
6.Brake Lever
7.Speed Sensor
8.1 to 4 Cable
10.Thumb throttle
11.Ebike Lithium Battery 
Motor Battery Connection Cable (Anderson / Bullet interface)
二、Hub Motor Conversion Kit
三、Electric bicycle

Product Application

Ebike/e bike/electric bike/electric bicycle/mountain bike/road bike

Our Certificate


Production Market

It is mainly sold to Europe and the United States. At present, it has established two overseas warehouses in Europe (Spain warehouse and Belgian warehouse), overseas warehouses in the United States, overseas warehouses in Russia, overseas warehouses in Japan, and overseas warehouses in Australia. In 2016, we began to enter the overseas market and expand the overseas service system. In 2017, we successfully developed the BBSHD brand and gained market recognition. The company is committed to independent innovation and strives to become the number one brand in the electric bicycle industry.

Our Service

We support online factory inspections or on-site inspections, provide sample services, and have professional technicians explain product details to customers, solve customers’ doubts, explain installation steps and precautions to customers in detail, support one piece of wholesale and online purchase, motors and batteries Provide a one-year warranty and serve every customer carefully.