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Production Factors That Affect The Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

- May 18 2021 -

In view of the particularity of lead-acid batteries for electric bicycles, various battery manufacturers have adopted a variety of methods. The most typical method is as follows:
1. Increase the number of plates.
The original design of a single grid of 5 pieces and 6 pieces was changed to 6 pieces and 7 pieces, 7 pieces and 8 pieces, or even 8 pieces and 9 pieces. By reducing the thickness of the plates and separators, and increasing the number of plates, the battery capacity can be increased.
2. Increase the proportion of sulfuric acid in the battery
The sulfuric acid specific gravity of the original float battery is generally between 1.21 and 1.28, while the sulfuric acid specific gravity of the battery of the electric bicycle is generally between 1.36 and 1.38, which can provide a larger current and increase the initial capacity of the battery.
3. Increase the amount and proportion of lead oxide active material on the positive plate.
The addition of lead oxide increases the electrochemical reaction substances involved in the discharge, which also increases the discharge time and increases the battery capacity.