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Other Reasons That Affect The Battery Life Of Electric Vehicles

- May 18 2021 -

Many batteries can get better results in the single test. However, for series battery packs, due to the different capacity, open circuit voltage, state of charge, and vulcanization degree, this difference will be in the series battery pack. The cells that are enlarged and in poor condition will affect the entire battery pack, and its life will be significantly reduced.
From the time the battery is charged on the production line to the time when the user purchases the car, it takes many steps, and the interval can even be as long as several months. During this period, since the battery is not recharged, a large amount of lead sulfate is produced by self-discharge. Accumulation of crystals, the new battery that the user just bought may be an aging battery or even a chargeable battery.
Battery manufacturers do not completely eliminate recycled batteries when performing warranty. After the battery is returned, the battery manufacturer re-tests the charge and discharge. During the test, it is often found that more than 60% of the single cells are batteries that do not meet the conditions for return. The reason is that in series-connected battery packs, individual batteries lag behind, resulting in a decline in the function of the entire battery pack, causing the entire battery pack to fall back. Many battery manufacturers have adopted assembly, water replenishment, desulfurization, and packaging for returned batteries, and then re-supplied them to users in order to increase the effective service life of the batteries, reduce the scrap rate, and reduce the loss of part of the battery manufacturer’s claims. Therefore, many dealers have felt that the batteries provided by the manufacturers are obviously "inferior to one generation."
If the battery of an electric vehicle is used properly, timely replenishing water or adding a small coppersmith battery activator can prolong the service life of the battery to more than two years. On the contrary, the service life is greatly shortened. Therefore, the daily maintenance of electric vehicle batteries by consumers is the key to determining the life of electric vehicle batteries.