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Under What Circumstances Do Electric Vehicle Batteries Need To Be Maintained And Charged?

- May 18 2021 -

Electric vehicle batteries need to be maintained and charged in one of the following situations:
(1) The battery capacity decays and decelerates too fast;
(2) Outdated batteries appear;
(3) After the battery loses fluid, refill it;
(4) After the battery has been stored for a long time;
(5) After the battery is seriously over-discharged;
(6) The battery is working in a low temperature environment for a long time;
(7) Unreasonable charging parameters and long-term undercharging; how to determine the charging parameters for maintenance charging; generally use constant voltage and current limiting charging or multi-stage constant current charging. The charging parameters are basically the same in the first and middle stages of charging, except that the maximum charging voltage is increased to a higher level in the later stage of charging. That is, WD is used for charging, and deep charging is used to repair the backward battery. Maintenance charging is also called equalization charging.