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Commonly Used Electric Vehicle Battery Repair Methods

- May 18 2021 -

Repair method: find out the capacity, voltage, self-discharge, internal resistance of the battery, etc. and use it together.
Water loss
Repair method: pry open the cover above the battery. The cover of some batteries is glued with ABS glue, and some batteries are connected by buckles. Some are skateboards. Be careful not to damage the cover when you pry open the cover. At this time, the rubber caps of the 6 exhaust valves can be seen. Open the rubber cap to expose the vent hole, through the vent hole you can see the inside of the battery. The exhaust valve base of some batteries can be unscrewed, and the exhaust valve base can be unscrewed without opening the rubber exhaust valve. Some batteries have some fillers around the rubber caps. Open the cover and shine a flashlight to see if there is any dryness inside the small hole, that is, if the battery has lost water. The plates of the battery are wrapped with white glass fiber cotton, which should be moist under normal conditions. Use a dropper to suck distilled water into the battery through the vent hole. Cover the vent hole with the water-filled battery with a breathable shield to prevent dust from falling into the vent hole. It is best to use medical double distilled water. The principle of hydrating is to take less and not more. If it is not enough, it can be added. If it is too much, the proportion of acid will decrease and the battery capacity will be insufficient. Those who are inexperienced can master it by 5mL per hole. It's best to watch it, it's wet, shiny, and watery. It's just right, it's too shiny, and it's too watery.
Special reminder: Use glass or plastic straws for water replenishment tools. It is recommended to use a medical disposable syringe, which is convenient to use and convenient to measure. Do not use any metal-containing equipment as the water replenishment tool. The metal needle of the syringe should be removed and a plastic tube should be used before use.
Repair method: repair the vulcanized battery with a Kodi repair instrument, adopt fuzzy digital control theory, measure the state of the battery, continuously emit positive and negative variable frequency particle waves while charging and discharging, and take 10 to 20 hours to remove the battery Lead sulfate becomes hard after crystallization.
Plate softening
Repair method: After discharging the battery to 10.5V, use a bulb for deep discharge for 1-5 hours. Then use the activation instrument to activate the repair.
Short circuit
Repair method: water battery can be punched clearly to get out the short-circuited lead powder! Electric vehicle batteries can quickly short-circuit the positive and negative poles, and burn out the short-circuited place!
open circuit
Repair method: 100A test battery voltage 0V as an open circuit, use a single measurement method to measure the open circuit, and weld it. Use a multimeter to measure where the battery is open!