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E Bike Kit

  • 36V350W
  • 850C
Chain Wheel
  • 46T
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    Electric bicycle conversion kit bafang bbs01 mid drive motor e bike kit


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    Product list


    Product Paramenters


    36v 350w

    Bracket bottom length


    No Load Speed(RPM)


    Load Speed(RPM)


    MAX Torque

    80 N.m

    Efficiency (%)

    ≥ 80 %



    Operating Temperature


    Gross weight(kg)


    Package size

    250-750W: 32*25*25cm


    1 year for the motor



    Noise grade


    Operation Temperature


    Reduction Ratio

    1 : 21.9

    E bike kit

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    Integration is the advantage of the middle motor. All sensors are integrated in the middle box, only the wire extends out, connected to the controller on the handlebar, and even the battery connection is the hidden way of inner wiring and contacts. This streamlined integrated design makes the car with the middle motor more convenient to maintain, more concise appearance, and more convenient for users to use.

    The company focuses on the development and production of lithium electric high-speed motor, spiral steel teeth. The technology of the deceleration system is researched and developed. Display products all use spiral tooth structure, this structure to ensure that the number of teeth at any time is not less than two, improve the meshing, increase the strength to reduce the wear of gear, reduce the noise of gear, prolong the life of the motor, quality has been essentially improved.

    For products of the same quality, we have a great price advantage. We support one piece wholesale. Of course, if your order is large, we will give preferential treatment. Compared with other shopping platforms, our price It will be much lower.

    Mid electric bicycle. It can be assisted or reinforced or fully electric riding. The vehicle has a high bicycle rate and good maintainability. The vulnerable parts are as easy to repair as a bicycle. Another unique advantage is that it can achieve mechanical multi-stage shifting and dual speed regulation (the rear axle can be equipped with a mechanical transmission like an ordinary bicycle. This is impossible to achieve in a hub-type electric bicycle) so that the motor efficiency is always at the highest efficiency Area work. In different road conditions and windy days, it can shift gears to avoid the impact of high current. In the mechanical low gear, the climbing force will be greater.

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