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Bafang Max Drive

  • 48v500w
  • C18
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    Electric bicycle conversion kit bafang bbs02 mid drive motor bafang max drive


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    Product list


    Product Paramenters


    48v 500w

    Bracket bottom length


    No Load Speed(RPM)


    Load Speed(RPM)


    MAX Torque


    Efficiency (%)

    ≥ 80 %



    Operating Temperature




    Gross weight(kg)


    Package size

    250-750W: 32*25*25cm


    1 year for the motor



    Noise grade


    Operation Temperature


    Reduction Ratio

    1 : 21.9

    Bafang max drive

    Mid motor

    It is applicable to a wide range of models, covering almost all models. You only need to replace the bottom bracket. If you don’t want to use it, you can restore it in ten minutes, and you can complete it yourself.

    Integrated controller, speed sensor, waterproof cable, overall beautiful appearance.

    Built-in clutch, good riding comfort, no magnetic resistance when sliding.

    The instrument has many styles, complete functions and can be set.

    The weight of the mid-mounted motor is fixed. After the whole vehicle is assembled, the weight distribution is reasonable, effectively ensuring the strength of the frame.

    The motor torque can reach 80 N.m-160 N.m. With the rear wheel transmission, the torque is doubled and the climbing performance is strong.

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